Is your file Print-Ready?

Published by: On: January 29, 2016 11:50 am Categories: Print Tips

The term “Print-Ready” is used to describe a file that is 100% ready to send to the printer, and does not require any further edits or adjustments by a Graphic Designer. This means more than just ensuring that there are no grammar or spelling errors that need addressing. Below is a list of requirements that are necessary to ensure your file is “Print-Ready”.

  1. The Document is set to the correct size
  2. “Bleed” is properly set up at least 1/8″ past the trim/crop marks
  3. Margins of page place key information at least 1/4″ from any trimmed edgeor fold line
  4. Colour profile is set to CMYK (not RGB)
  5. Spot colours are properly defined (when necessary)
  6. Allow for proper contrast between the text and background of the document
  7. Images used are at least 300dpi
  8. Files are Exported/Saved as a .PDF document; allowing for all images, fonts, and overall layout to be locked in place, regardless of which program opens it

Once these key elements are addressed, your file will then be deemed Print-Ready and can be printed off ASAP by whomever you choose to get your files printed.

If you have a Print-Ready file that you need printed, feel free to send us your files using our easy to use upload form.