Larger than Life: Contex HD 5450

Published by: On: March 11, 2016 3:18 pm Categories: New Around The Shop


Meet our new Workhorse: the Contex HD5450 Wide Format Colour Scanner

Featuring advanced imaging technology, it’s the ultimate choice for extra-large, full-colour scanning and copying needs. Despite its huge 54″ imaging area, the Contex HD 5450 delicately handles over-sized drawings, posters, architectural sketches, detailed maps, even fine art – reproducing quality images, fast.


Wide & long

Colour artwork, maps, and other detail-rich documents are reproduced to perfection, without any document length limit. We don’t have to scan the material in several parts and then stitch the images together afterwards. With the HD 5450 we can scan A0+ and E size+ landscape.

Various media & thickness

Do you have thick, mounted or other sensitive or specialized documents? No problem. Automatic Thickness Adjustment Control (ATAC) technology lets us scan documents up to 0.6″ (15 mm) thick while it monitors pressure on the document surface.


Feel free to stop by our office anytime Mon-Fri from 8am to 5pm with your larger than life document. We are dying to test out our new machine with your large images!